Monday, March 22, 2010

Post #2: essay #1 pre-writing

I chose "Only a Pawn in Their Game" by Bob Dylan. My reaction to this song was that he had an interesting idea of looking at the situation as if its an army of people that are trained against others. I chose these lyrics because it's one of the songs that compares people to something else, which made it stand out for me. I would want to try and find out where white people started to absorb this hate( was it from their parents?school?) for black people and also learn more about Medgar Ever's life. The second source that I will use is "The Case Stated" by Ida B. Wells-Barnett in this essays it states that white people were killing black people and over certain period there were three excuses, one after another, for killing black people. Also the hatred and fear arose from the white people but some white women came from the North to teach black people how to wrote, read, and also taught religion. The song talks about a white man shooting Medgar Ever's and the hatred that white people had at that time, that has been taught by other white people. These two pieces of work are talking about violence against black people and the dislike of black people. I think it backs up one another as these works are focused on two concepts.

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  1. Good start, Lyubov - I think you're right that both the song and the essay present an analysis of how racism gets formed and passed down. Think more about what that analysis is in each case and how they compare.