Wednesday, June 9, 2010

research paper draft

The morning of December 10, 1989, thousands of people could be seen outside the church as there are police officers trying to keep the protesters away from coming into the church with the barricades. However, some protesters actually got in and people came into the church and fell to show the symbol of death, die-ins. but were arrested as police was bringing them out on stretchers. The protesters were shouting things such as “stop it your killing us, we're not going to take it anymore”for Cardinal John O'Connor to hear.
The activists that joined the organization that goes by the name ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) are also struggling with the virus and as some of the activists are Catholics they were not happy with the fact that Pope won't acknowledge the virus and that they believe that homosexuality is a sickness. The activist's want the church to let schools teach kids about this deadly virus so they would protect themselves from it and that church did not want to accept homosexuality. To see a change the activists had a protest with thousands of people and the actions that they did were shouting slogans and having die-ins. Did they not only had a protest for people in the church to see and passer by's but they made a documentary as well, “Stop the Church” so people in other states would see what it's like for people who have AIDS and that it's important for others to learn about it so they could stand a chance of not getting AIDS. As in Africa who has pretty high percentage people with AIDS so the idea was to teach kids about it so with the knowledge of this they have some chance of not getting it. As the issue of AIDS would get more known then this virus will be under control and will not spread so fast and for people to see that religion should accept people as they are. To watch this short movie and to somehow see it from their point of view of how they feel and to just let people know the big issue of AIDS. There were movements that were created for homosexuals such as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender(LGBT) movement so ACT UP sort of branched out from that organization to fight for something more than just homosexual rights. So ACT UP organization was mostly made up of younger people that were struggling with this virus. My first reaction was that they were brave to do this protest in a place that it cherished by a lot of people with this religion. I might have reacted differently when this act was created by thinking that it's crazy what they are doing and it already look like they are going to get in trouble when they are protesting near the church.
People disagreed with what ACT UP did as the TV stations that supposed to broadcast it but did not want to do it as it's, “inappropriate for airing because its pervasive tone of ridicule overwhelms its critique of policy.”

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bronx Make-Up

I chose a picture where a man is on the balcony and has his one hand on the boarder of the balcony and his other hand is on his face as he looks into an area, like he is dreaming or thinking about something positive as he has this calmness and relaxed look on his face. How two people who fought for similar things that is for black people to have rights took a different path of religion choice. James Cone saw this as a interesting things that the two leaders have different believes in religion. I think that Cone might have went along with Malcolm X because it could be true that white people, more or less, forced black people to believe in certain religion. I think that minority of people might still have similar things that are going on in their countries but who knows how much President Obama knows about what has been going on in other countries maybe he knows enough to make the statement or maybe not. But I see his point that this country is very diverse..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's an essay written by Gregory Koukl and was posted in 1997. The writer gives his opinion about the film "Stop the Church" as he doesn't agree with what they did and how the film was produced.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The topic that I have in mind is to write about anti-vaccines movement. The article that I picked is "Understanding those who do not understand: a brief review of the
anti-vaccine movement" by Gregory A. Poland and Robert M. Jacobson.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Post # 5 Revision of one paragraph of essay #1

The song “Only a Pawn in Their Game” by Bob Dylan is about how whites are part of a game, in this case a chess game, controlled by someone who is more powerful than them. In the game of chess, the pawn are in front protecting the king and the queen and from this point of view Dylan makes his point, that white people follow what they were taught to do throughout their lives. As the white people are being led by the higher white people, that is the government, and that in a way the higher people are hiding behind them. So white people of the lower status do the dirty work for the government without them really knowing. The question is what they are hiding from and it’s because of black people who are trying to get the rights that they deserve like anyone else but the higher white people don’t want to let that happen.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Post 3

Larry Neal argues that Western culture is different from the black culture and why should the Western culture be adopted by black people if they have their own. As in the Western culture art and aesthetics are separate while in a black community its one because it supports one another in describing something. Having these two words joined together it's like having a group that is fighting for something and make their argument stronger when having people on their side, not giving up. When there is a march some of the groups sing to make there point clear and powerful. Repeating something over and over to make others see what they are fighting for.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Post #4 Part 2

As I understood individual racism is when a person that does something against the other person who is different race because they hold that hatred against them. While institutionalized racism is when more powerful people keep people, that they hold the hatred against, in the same bad conditions. It's important because it depends on how much of the impact it would have on the group as institutionalized racism would have more impact on them rather than individual racism. But they are somehow interconnected together as the outside force gives us information and the individuals interpret it in their own way. So I think institutionalized racism is a bigger problem today as they still tell people the information that they want us to hear and maybe get rid of other information. For instance, with the news channels I read somewhere that some news stations don't report the information that people need to hear and maybe another channel like BBC news tells people more of what's going on in the US and in the world.