Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's an essay written by Gregory Koukl and was posted in 1997. The writer gives his opinion about the film "Stop the Church" as he doesn't agree with what they did and how the film was produced.


  1. Good source - what can you tell about who this author is and what kind of a source this is?

    It seems like you'll find a lot of people who disagreed with what they did. To get a full picture, you want to get the perspective of ACT-UP: given that they knew the act would be controversial, why did they think it was necessary? What were they aiming to achieve? Let me know what sources you find that might help with this.

  2. What can you tell about who Gregory Kouki is and what kind of a source this is? What do you make of his argument?

    It looks like the action was heavily criticized at the time. What have you found about the perspective of ACT-UP as to why they chose the act they knew many would not like?

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