Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bronx Make-Up

I chose a picture where a man is on the balcony and has his one hand on the boarder of the balcony and his other hand is on his face as he looks into an area, like he is dreaming or thinking about something positive as he has this calmness and relaxed look on his face. How two people who fought for similar things that is for black people to have rights took a different path of religion choice. James Cone saw this as a interesting things that the two leaders have different believes in religion. I think that Cone might have went along with Malcolm X because it could be true that white people, more or less, forced black people to believe in certain religion. I think that minority of people might still have similar things that are going on in their countries but who knows how much President Obama knows about what has been going on in other countries maybe he knows enough to make the statement or maybe not. But I see his point that this country is very diverse..

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  1. Hi Lyubov - This is interesting - what Cone is explaining is that he wanted to stay a Christian while still embracing Malcolm X's ideas about Black pride. For Malcolm X, because Christianity came to Blacks through slavery, it was a white religion, but Cone things you could make it something else. IT's another take on the question we looked at - "can the master's tools dismantle the master's house?"